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Discover the magic of graphic designing with our offline course in Rohtak! Our offline course not only equips you with essential skills but also guarantees a job after completion the course. Join our 2-day demo class to get a taste of what's in store. Plus, Take the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an exclusive internship.

As a Premiere graphic designing training institute, we take pride in offering the best graphic designing course in Rohtak. Our curriculum is Carefully crafted to cover all Elements of this dynamic field, ensuring you're prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a focus on hands-on learning, we provide an advanced graphic designing certification that sets you apart in the job market. Rest assured, our commitment to 100% job placement in graphic designing means your career is in good hands.

Once you finish, you'll get a special certificate. This will help you stand out when you look for a job. And we promise to help you find one. Join our friendly community of learners and experts. You'll make connections and learn together. Start your journey to a great career in graphic designing. Book 2 day demo class and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Course Curriculum

Our curriculum covers everything from mastering industry-standard software and tools!

  • Scope of Graphic Designing
  • Principles of Designing
  • Different Platform For Designing
  • Color Theory
  • Color Themes
  • Color Types
  • Image Types
  • Print Media vs Screen Media
  • Choosing Right Software for Design
  • Raster vs Vector

  • Intro to Photoshop
  • Interface & Workspace
  • Different Panels Management
  • Selection Types and Modes
  • Damaged Photo Restoration
  • Photo Editing
  • Black and white to color
  • Masking types
  • Vector and raster
  • Smart object
  • Align & Distribute
  • Blending Modes and Options
  • Color Correction
  • Photo Selection and Refining
  • Filters
  • Vanishing Point
  • Typography
  • Gradient
  • Photo MAnipulation
  • Color Balance
  • Remove Red Eye
  • Shortcuts of Photoshop
  • Thumbnail Design

  • Intro to Illustrator
  • Interface & Workspace
  • Selection and move tool
  • Panels Management
  • Pen Tool
  • Fill and Stroke
  • Color Mode
  • File Types
  • Path Finder
  • Shape Builder
  • Perspective Buildings
  • How to download and install different free & Paid fonts?
  • Symbols
  • Blend Tool
  • 3D Effects
  • Create Vector Background
  • Create A flyer
  • UI Design
  • Character Designing
  • Vector Objects
  • Illustration
  • Animation Background
  • Create Flat Design
  • Poster Design

  • Intro to Corel Draw
  • Interface & Workspace
  • Color Palette
  • Object Manager
  • Pick Tool
  • Transformation
  • Page size and Document Size
  • Group, align, order, and zoom
  • Weld, Trim, and Intersect
  • Pen Tool & Bezier tool
  • Gradient
  • Text tool
  • Effects
  • Blend and contour
  • Smart Drawing and fill
  • Powerclip
  • Shadow and Transparency
  • Background patterns
  • Magazine Design
  • Calender Design
  • Print Merge for i cards

  • Quick Start Tour of Adobe Indesign
  • Letting Indesign Work for You
  • Documents, Presets & Dependencies
  • Letting Indesign Guide You
  • Beginning Your Layout Design
  • Paragraph Formatting & Design
  • Basic Paragraph Style sheets
  • Graphic Frames & Object Styles
  • Importing Vector Graphics
  • Photoshop & illustrator Import & Creativity
  • Layered Design & Text Wrap
  • Powerful Nested Styles
  • Compound, Shadows & Transparency
  • Exporting pdf and epub

  • Intro to Canva Editor
  • Designing social media graphics
  • YouTube Thumbnails and other graphic designs
  • Fonts and Creative Color Combinations
  • Using templates
  • Tips and Trips to make most out of Canva
  • Subscription Types

  • Image editing
  • Brand Collateral Design
  • Poster Design
  • UI Design

Why Neded is The Best Graphic Designing Course Training Institute in Rohtak?

100% Job Assistance Guaranteed

We're committed to your success. Receive dedicated job assistance, including resume review, interview preparation, and job referrals after course completion.

Practical Internship Opportunities

Gain real-world experience through internships with our partner companies, allowing you to apply your skills in professional settings.

Learn From Industry Experts

Learn from seasoned industry professionals with a wealth of graphic designing experience, ensuring you receive top-tier guidance.

Portfolio-Ready Projects

Enhance your learning journey through challenging projects that allow you to apply advanced techniques in a practical setting.

Practical Designing Challenges

Participate in designing competitions, hackathons, and challenges that push your creative boundaries and provide opportunities to showcase your skills.

Career Guidance

Receive insights into potential career paths, freelancing opportunities, and strategies for building a successful career in graphic designing.

What Our Students Saying

Neha Saini

“Excellent guidance along with professional faculty support by all the teachers.”

Priyansh Singh

“with fees well within the budget of the common people. I did this course which boosted my designing career and now, I am an important part of my company. The Trainers were very helpful and taught us with immense care.”

Sunil Kumar

“When I was worried about my career, then my friend told me about neded Institute and its courses. I enrolled in the graphic designing courses and my life was never the same after that. Other than those courses, they held grooming sessions also which helped to build my confidence.”

Sakshi kappor

“Before joining Neded institute, I did not have an idea about designing. Only here, I learned everything right from the basics to a professional level. The faculties here gave very good technical training. I am so happy and proud to say that I am part of Neded, Thank you Neded!”

Sneha Mittal

“Neded institute is the best institute to build your skills in the creative fields. Friendly staff members and practice-oriented teaching methodology helped me learn a lot. I thank all the staff members for their guidance in seeking a good career.”

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Professional Graphic Designing Course Training in Rohtak FAQs

Graphic design is a design process that combines text and graphics in a way that is intended to communicate a specific message.

You will find graphic design in company logos, printed materials like brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, business cards, billboards and ads. Advances in technology have brought us the digital environment complete with websites, online ads, virtual brochures and presentations, and so very much more.

The basic course starts with a 3 months long program. The advanced courses can be for 6 months duration. Some courses are designed for individuals who want to become graphic designing specialists. The graphic designing course duration for such courses is 8-12 months.

yes we provide intership.

After doing the course you can get this jobs Image Designing, System Designer, Web Designer, Communication Designer, Graphic Designer, Brand Designer, Narrative Designer, Experience Designer, Strategy Designer, Product Designer.

Yes after 12th you can do this course.

Yes, there is a potentially rewarding and fulfilling career in graphic designing for those who are passionate about visual communication and have a strong creative inclination. Here are some reasons why graphic designing can be a good career choice High Demand, Diverse Opportunities, Freelancing and Contract Work.

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  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Adobe Illustrator Training
  • CorelDraw Training
  • Adobe InDesign Training
  • Assignments & Projects
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