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Ready to learn website designing in Rohtak? Our course guarantees you a job after you finish. Try a 2-day demo class to see what it's like. You can also get real experience through an internship.

As a leading website designing training institute, we take pride in offering the best website designing course in Rohtak. Our curriculum is Carefully crafted to cover all Elements of this dynamic field, ensuring you're prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a focus on hands-on learning, we provide an advanced website designing certification that sets you apart in the job market. Rest assured, our commitment to 100% job placement in website designing means your career is in good hands.

Once you finish, you'll get a special certificate. This will help you stand out when you look for a job. And we promise to help you find one. Join our friendly community of learners and experts. You'll make connections and learn together. Start your journey to a great career in website designing. Book 2 day demo class and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum covers everything from Basics to Advanced

  • Intro to website Designing
  • Types of websites
  • How to choose the right type of website?
  • Wireframing a website
  • Layouting A website
  • Elements of a website

  • What is Domain Name?
  • Types of Domains and Extensions
  • What is hosting?
  • Types of Hostings
  • How to Buy Right Domain Name?
  • How to Buy Right Hosting?
  • Top Domain and hosting Selling Platforms
  • What is Web Hosting, cPanel & FTP Account?

  • Editors
  • Elements
  • Introduction To HTML 5
  • Images
  • Lists
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Formatting
  • ID & Class
  • Head Tag
  • Header Tag
  • Nav Tag
  • Footer Tag
  • Address Tag
  • Article Tag
  • Section Tag
  • Aside Tag
  • Details Tag
  • SVG

  • Css Types
  • Syntax and Selectors
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • Height and Width
  • Borders
  • Text Property
  • Font Property
  • Margin And Padding
  • Word Spacing
  • Rounded Corners
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Text Effects
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Buttons

  • What is Responsive Web Design?
  • Intro to Bootstrap
  • Install Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Containers
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Rows
  • Resetting Columns
  • Nesting Columns
  • Push & Pull
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Dropdown
  • Nav & Navbar
  • Carousel
  • Tabbing

  • Intro to java script
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Variable types
  • Operators
  • Slider
  • DOM
  • Validation
  • Window Functions

  • Intro to Jquery
  • Adding jQuery Library
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Document Functions
  • Get Attribute Value
  • Set Attribute Value
  • jQuery CSS Methods
  • Apply CSS Properties
  • jQuery Effects
  • Slider
  • Lightbox

  • Intro to WordPress
  • vs
  • Wordpress Installation on local server and hosting server
  • WordPress Plugins and Settings
  • Downloading wordpress websites templates
  • Editing themes
  • Page Builders
  • Blogging website
  • Making a business website
  • WordPress Plugins and Settings

  • How to Integrate Plugins?
  • Integrate banner
  • Integrate google fonts
  • Testing responsive website
  • Optimize website for mobile and tab
  • What is php?
  • Contact form of php to get leads on mail
  • Uploading website on hosting server using ftp and cpanel

Why Neded is The Best Web Designing Course Training Institute in Rohtak?

100% Job Assistance Guaranteed

We're dedicated to your success. Receive assistance with job hunting, resume building, and interview preparation after course completion

Practical Internship Opportunities

Gain real-world experience through internships with our partner companies, allowing you to apply your skills in professional settings.

Portfolio-Ready Projects

Engage in hands-on projects that mirror real-world design challenges, curating a portfolio that showcases your ability to create diverse and professional-grade design assets.

Learn From Industry Experts

Learn from experienced full stack developers who bring real-world insights to your learning journey.

Personalized Mentorship

Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals who will help you navigate challenges, refine your skills, and tailor your learning journey

Career Guidance

Receive insights into potential career paths, freelancing opportunities, and strategies for building a successful career in video editing.

What Our Students Saying

Vinit Kumar

“I have completed a Web Designing course in Neded institute. I had a great experience and knowledge of Web Designing. They have professional trainers and lab facilities to develop our skills. I thank neded institute for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

Shubham Parihar

“Enrolling in the website designing course was a game-changer for me, and it's all thanks to the incredible instruction of SR Vashisth . Their deep knowledge and passion for web design were evident in every lesson. SR Vashisth has an exceptional ability to break down complex concepts into digestible, practical steps. I went from having limited knowledge to confidently creating stunning websites. The hands-on approach and real-world projects made all the difference. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to master website design!”

Sahil Kundu

“Their teaching style is engaging and comprehensive, making even the most complex coding concepts easy to understand. What I appreciated most was the practical approach - we were building real websites from day one.”

Komal Sharma

“The curriculum was well-structured, covering everything from HTML and CSS fundamentals to advanced JavaScript and responsive design. They were always available to answer questions and provide support, which made a huge difference in my progress. I can confidently say this course has been a pivotal point in my journey towards becoming a proficient web designer.”

Diksha Sharma

“Neded institute is the best institute to build your skills in the creative fields. Friendly staff members and practice-oriented teaching methodology helped me learn a lot. I thank all the staff members for their guidance in seeking a good career.”

Pooja Vats

“I had the pleasure of taking the website designing course with SR Vashisth, and it was an eye-opening experience. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, and SR Vashisth ensured that each lesson built upon the previous one. The practical exercises and projects were incredibly valuable in applying what I learned. What sets this course apart is the level of individual attention and constructive feedback provided. I'm now equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle web design projects with confidence.”

Dinesh Kaushik

“Studying website designing under SR Vashisth was a truly enriching experience. Their expertise in the field was evident in every lesson, and their passion for web design was contagious. The hands-on approach and real-world projects helped solidify my understanding of the concepts.SR Vashisth was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, which made a significant impact on my learning journey. Thanks to this course, I am now confident in my ability to create professional and user-friendly websites. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to break into the world of web design.”

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Expert Web Designing Course Training in Rohtak FAQs

Website designing is a process, in which we make a plan keeping various things in mind to create a website, then we create the website accordingly. Inside this Layout, Font, Color, Content etc. Talks are included.

Yes after 12th you can do this course.

yes we provide intership.

The basic course starts with a 3 months long program. The advanced courses can be for 6 months duration. Some courses are designed for individuals who want to become website designing specialists. The website designing course duration for such courses is 8-12 months.

After doing the course you can get this jobs Website Designer,Website Developer, Website Content Manager, Full Stack Developer ,Website Marketing Analyst.

You have to learn programming skills. Although there are many technologies in website designing, it is very important for you to learn the things given below Photoshop,Html, CSS ,Basic Javascript, JQuery ,Bootstrap

Yes, there is a promising and potentially lucrative career in website designing.

100% Job Assistance Guaranteed

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